Your Voice on Beacon Hill

A voice for our families. 

Our families deserve an advocate who will fight tirelessly for their interests on Beacon Hill. I will work hard for you because I know how hard it is to save up to buy a first house, to save up to send a kid to college, to save up for retirement.  I know because this is the family I come from, and this is the family I am raising.

As a non-profit leader and area minister, I have long advocated for our families. From working with at-risk youth to preaching on the need for things like paid family medical leave, I have always fought for our communities’ families, something that will remain a cornerstone of my commitments on Beacon Hill.

My Priorities: 

  • Securing a living wage for all of the Commonwealth’s workers. Nobody working 40 hours per week deserves to live in poverty.
  • Fighting for fairer tax policies that meet our Commonwealth’s needs without burdening the middle class. I strongly support the proposed “millionaire’s tax,” which will moderately increase taxes on annual incomes over a million dollars in order to fund crucial investments in infrastructure and education.
  • Ensuring access to high-quality, affordable healthcare for all residents.

A voice for our schools. 

My mom was a Head Start preschool teacher who dedicated her career to ensuring that all children have an equal education. Even when we were young, she made sure that my sister and I always understood the importance of equal access to quality education. Eventually, I served as a Head Start substitute teacher myself, working towards the same important goal that my mom did before me. As a proud father whose son attends a local public school, I know that our communities’ schools are places where our children can expand their worlds and grow into the leaders of the future. In my role as a nonprofit leader, I work with and within our local schools to ensure that our youth have the support they need to succeed.

My Priorities: 

  • Making public college more accessible and affordable for our families. 
  • Fully funding vocational schools and other workforce training programs.
  • Protecting public education and supporting greater funding for local school districts.

A voice for innovation. 

Massachusetts has long led the way for the rest of the country when it comes to finding innovative solutions for the world’s problems. I am a firm believer that government can be used as a force for good when our legislators implement bold solutions we need to solve today’s dilemmas. Our Commonwealth’s universities and businesses are the drivers of critical innovation in renewable energy technology and combating climate change. We have a responsibility to work with local leaders, area businesses, and the environmental community to ensure that the world our children inherit is one we are proud to leave them.

My Priorities: 

  • Creating a dependable 21st century public transportation system to broaden access to Framingham and Ashland while decreasing our carbon footprint.
  • Preserving and expanding our public green spaces.
  • Expanding renewable energy production and tax-credits. 

A voice for inclusion. 

The towns of Ashland and Framingham are vibrant communities strengthened by their diversity. From preaching about social justice issues as a minister to leading a local nonprofit for at-risk teens, I have long advocated for the adoption of more inclusive policies in our Commonwealth. Many years ago, my first job was working as a habitation assistant for people with disabilities. Since that time, I have worked to rehabilitate people recently released from prison, tutored in area jails, led workshops and conversations on multiculturalism, and currently serve as the Affirmative Action & Outreach Officer for the Framingham Democratic Town Committee. My son’s enrollment in a local Spanish-immersion public elementary school underscores my family’s commitment to raising him to celebrate diversity and to thrive as a global citizen.

My Priorities: 

  • Celebrating and working closely within the diverse communities of our district. 
  • Continuing Rep. Tom Sannicandro's fight to increase program funding for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Ensuring that our seniors are able to retire with dignity.