Ashland Leaders (Partial List)

Sen. Karen Spilka
Rep. Tom Sannicandro

Selectmen: Phil Jack (former), Rob Scherer
School Committee: Marc Terry (vice chair), Laurie Tosti (chair), Erin Williams, Kathy Bates

Preston Crow, Makeda Keegan, Patricia Kendall, Chuck & Lynn Lidz, Diane & Marty Ring, David & Nancy Rosenblum, Brett Walker, Tricia Kenall

Framingham Leaders (Partial List)

Rep. Chris Walsh
Rep. Carmine Gentile
Former Rep. John Stefanini
Former State Senator David Magnini

Selectmen: Laurie Lee, Cesar Monzon, Charlie Sisitsky (vice chair), Cheryl Tully-Stoll (chair)
School Committee: Beverly Hugo, Jim Stockless, Richard Finlay

Herb Chasan, Jerry Desilets, Mike Hugo, Robin Kaye, Margareth Shepard, Rick & Nancy Marchand


"Jack Patrick Lewis will be a strong advocate for all of NOW's priority issues. His commitment to work for social, racial, and economic justice includes working for progressive tax reform and the Fair Share Amendment. He is dedicated to ending violence against women and gender-based violence." - Nancy Rosenblum and Donna Denoncourt, Co-Chairs of the Mass. NOW PAC

Mass Alliance

"Mass Alliance is proud to endorse such a committed parent and non-profit leader who has spent his life supporting and uplifting kids in our communities," explained Jordan Berg Powers Director of Mass Alliance. He went on, "Rep. Tom Sannicandro is leaving big shoes to fill, the dedication Jack has shown demonstrates he is the person to continue the great work of Rep. Sannicandro."


"We are pleased to announce our support of Jack Lewis for State Representative," said Deborah Shields, JD, MPH, Executive Director of Mass Equality. " Jack has been a champion of the LGBTQ community for many years , both as an ordained minister and as the current Executive Director of OUT Metrowest. He will stand out as a legislator who will tirelessly fight to end discrimination and hate in the Commonwealth."

Mass Peace Action

"We believe he is the best candidate to continue fighting for justice for all and will support the values of Mass. Peace Action as did Rep.Tom Sannicandro," Carol Coakley, Mass Peace Action.


"Health care costs have continued to rise and now with the former lead-sponsor of our "Medicare for All" legislation, Rep. Sannicandro moving on from this seat, we need to ensure that a strong progressive continues to represent this important community,"said Ture Turnbull, Executive Director of Mass-Care.

Victory Fund

"Victory Fund is proud to endorse Jack Patrick Lewis in his race for the Massachusetts State House. We believe that his experience serving youth and families make him a great choice for the people of the 7th Middlesex District." -Aisha Moodie-Mills, Victory Fund President & CEO

Mass Voters for Animals

"Mass Voters for Animals enthusiastically endorses Jack Patrick Lewis for state representative because we believe he'd be a strong state house advocate for humane laws and the prevention of cruelty. Animal protection has always been a primary component of his view of social justice as demonstrated by his lifelong commitment to animal welfare throughout his professional and personal life." -Marge Peppercorn MD, Steering Committee, Mass Voters for Animals

Bay State Stonewall Democrats

"BSSD is delighted to endorse Jack Lewis in his campaign for state representative. His long history of advocacy and leadership in the community make him the most qualified and experienced candidate to represent the people of the 7th Middlesex District . He is and will continue to be a role model for LGBT youth across our Commonwealth, giving them hope that there is no limit to what they can achieve."-Steve Iannaccone, Co-Chair

Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts

"The Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts are proud to endorse Jack Patrick Lewis in his race for state representative. Jack has dedicated his life to advocating for social and economic justice. For Lewis, progressive is not simply a label, but a way of life. His experiences from working with at-risk youth to the way he built his family prove that Jack is the candidate in this race who will fight for progressive principles and practical solutions on Beacon Hill." -PeterEnrich, Chair

Progressive Massachusetts

“As a state representative for the 7thMiddlesex District, Jack Patrick Lewis would bring an impressive background in social justice advocacy and a passionate commitment to advancing a progressive agenda in Massachusetts. He has a bold and inclusive vision for the future of Massachusetts and understands that we thrive as a state when we work together. Massachusetts has often been a leader in the US in public education, health care reform, and environmental action, and Jack Patrick Lewis will help Massachusetts stay at the forefront.” -Jonathan Cohn, Progressive Mass Elections & Endorsements Committee

UAW Region 9A

“The UAW Region 9A is proud to endorse Jack Patrick Lewis in his race for state representative. Lewis has the experience and the passion to fight for middle class families in the Commonwealth. He will be a strong advocate for a living wage and fair working conditions. Lewis will be a champion in fighting for quality, well-paying jobs for the residents of Massachusetts.” -Julie Kushner, UAW Region 9A Director. 

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

"Jack Lewis will be an outstanding advocate for our profession and public education in general. He has the commitment to our values as educators. His voice on Beacon Hill will be a strong and steady one for all educators, students, parents and communities that he will serve.”- Thomas J. Gosnell, President 

Massachusetts AFL-CIO

“The Massachusetts AFL-CIO is proud to support Jack Lewis for State Representative,” said Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman. “Jack has already proven himself to be a tireless community leader who is a strong voice for working people.   He understands how important it is to build an economy that works for everyone.”

Clean Water Action

"Jack Lewis is committed to protect our environment and health by accelerating our transition to clean energy and phasing out sources of life-threatening pollution," said Joel Wool of Clean Water Action. "As a community activist deeply committed to social justice and equality, he will be a powerful addition to the legislature. We are pleased to endorse him for State Representative."

Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund

"We are excited to support Jack Patrick Lewis for State Representative because he understands the importance of our state investing in clean energy, sustainable transportation, and environmental protection to address climate change, create jobs, and build healthier communities. He is committed to policies that will build a healthier and more sustainable environment for the people of his district and all the people of the Commonwealth." -Joe O'Brien, Political Director 


International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 264

"Machinists Local Lodge 264 know that Jack Lewis is the best candidate in this race to represent the views and issues concerning working families in our district. Jack Lewis has proven to us that he has the courage to stand up for working people. He will be a strong voice for our families and communities at the State House." -John Burke, Recording Secretary 

Massachusetts Organization of State Engineers and Scientists (MOSES)

"MOSES is proud to support Jack Patrick Lewis in his run for State Representative in the 7th Middlesex District.  It is clear that Mr. Lewis recognizes the true value of hard working MOSES members, and all public employees, and will work to protect the interests of all middle class and working families on Beacon Hill."


Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA)

“Jack Lewis respects and supports the work registered nurses do every day to protect our patients and our profession,” MNA President Donna Kelly-Williams said. “Jack clearly understands the vital role nurses play in delivering safe, high-quality patient care and will advocate for efforts to improve that care.”

Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA)

“Jack Lewis will be an outstanding state representative for the 7th Middlesex District,” said MTA President Barbara Madeloni. “Jack is committed to advocating for students and for our public schools, colleges and universities. He will do everything possible to help working families and communities throughout Massachusetts.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts

“A leader like Jack Lewis is exactly what we need in the fight to expand access to reproductive health in the Commonwealth. His values reflect those of his community and the entire Bay State” said Christian Miron, Deputy Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.  “In the face of attacks on abortion access and a woman’s right to choose, it is essential that we continue to elect pro-choice legislators like Lewis who will push forward a pro-choice agenda on Beacon Hill. Lewis has demonstrated that he will fight tirelessly to reduce current obstacles to abortion as well as to preserve and expand the accessibility of reproductive health care in the Commonwealth, a vital commitment in such a critical election for reproductive rights." 

National Association of Social Workers Massachusetts Political Action Committee (NASW-MA PACE)

“PACE endorses Jack Lewis for State Representative from Framingham for his close experience with the DCF system as a foster and adoptive parent, the challenges facing LGBTQ youth, and the income disparities in both his district and statewide. As social workers, we are excited to work with Jack on these issues and bring about policy changes that will improve the lives of our clients.” -Gary Howell-Walton, Co-Chair 

New England Regional Council of Carpenters

"Working families need legislators who are wiling to stand up and fight for all who live and work in our community. We believe we can count on you to stand with us, and fight for good wages, affordable housing and a strong infrastructure that allows for economic growth." -Stephen Joyce, Political Director

Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund

“Jack Lewis understands that access to sexual and reproductive health care and comprehensive sexuality education are essential for building healthy communities. We need allies like Jack Lewis in the State House to push the state forward with policies that put patients first, strengthen reproductive rights, and eliminate barriers to vital health care for women, men, and young people. These are the issues the people of Massachusetts care about and support, and Jack will fight for them every day. Jack is committed to making sure everyone--no matter who they are or where they live--has the education, support and care they need to stay healthy and PPAF is proud to endorse him.” -Jennifer Childs-Roshak, MD, MBA, President and CEO

SEIU 509

“Jack Lewis is a tireless advocate for the well-being of all residents in the 7th Middlesex District and his dedication and work in the public sector are a testament to his abilities in managing the region’s most serious issues,” Said Susan Tousignant, president of the Massachusetts Union for Human Service Workers & Educators, SEIU Local 509. “SEIU Local 509 members proudly stand with Jack Lewis as their next State Representative for the residents of Ashland and Framingham.”

SEIU 888

"Jack Patrick Lewis is the progressive champion that working families in Framingham and Ashland need.  Whether it is paid family medical leave, supporting a higher minimum wage or making millionaires pay their fair share, Jack Lewis stands with working families and we are proud to stand with him." -Mark DelloRusso President 

Massachusetts Sierra Club

“Jack Lewis will provide the leadership for a safer tomorrow that Framingham and Ashland voters need,” said David Rudolph, Political Chair of the MA Sierra Club. “Energy independence, installed locally and taking advantage of locally available, renewable resources, is just one way the economy and environment work hand in hand. Jack Lewis leads by example, and will speak from experience for all Massachusetts voters. We encourage voters to choose Jack Lewis on November 8.”